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Admission Application for 2018 EMBA Program

Application for Executive Master of Business Administration Academic Year 2018

Enroll 45 postgraduates.


A section:Senior supervisor of Military, Public and Teaching Personnel or Enterprises in Kinmen

B section:Senior supervisor in Taiwan



1. Educations:

(1) Have the bachelor's degree proved by Ministry of Education, Taiwan, R.O.C.

(2) Have the same educational level as qualifications to apply for the graduate school entrance examination.

2. Experiences

(1) At least employed with more than 3-years working experiences.

(2) Males with honorable discharge or without duty of the regular service.


Application Period: 2017.12.1(Fri.) ~2018.1.2(Tue.)

Interview Date: 2018.1.20(Sat.)

Prospectus Download:  Click to download


If you have interests, please do not hesitate to make a call or come to our office in person!

Tel: +8867-5919000 Ext. 8140~8142

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