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Survey of graduated student's direction of workplace
To grasp every graduated student's direction of workplace and response opinion to give suggestion to education policy and each school's position plan, this survey's result will
give to the Education Ministry to analysis and discuss the education policy, and improveour school development, to discuss the related policy of department degree course plan and train highly educated people
We will track down three groups of students

School year 105(One year after graduated), School year 103(Three years after
graduated) and School year 101 (Five years after graduated) graduated students
(List is in the attachment)

Here is the survey website:(Choose one to log in)
Log in our school's Alumni information system and click "Survey of graduated student's direction of workplace" can also get into the survey system.

Please finish the survey before year 107 October 19th (Fri) 12:00 a.m. ,If you haven't fill out the survey before October 19th, EMBA will contact and ask you about it, thank you~~
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