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1071﹝law class﹞﹝Year 107 September 29th, 30th﹞【Intellectual property rights、lands、 personal information and labor law】、【Research method】class notice
Remind that【Year 107 September 29th, 30th】Have class !
If you need to take a day off, please tell the EMBA center secretary in advance

Class date:Year 107 September 29th (Sat)
Class time:9:00~12:00、13:00~18:00
Subject:Intellectual property rights、lands、 personal information and labor law
Teacher:Professor 周伯翰 (
Classroom:NUK management department classroom 106

Class date:Year 107 September 30th (Sun)
Class time:9:00~12:00、13:00~18:00
Subject:Research method
Teacher:Professor 李亭林 (
Classroom:NUK management department classroom B102高雄大學管院B102教室

* Remember to sign up for class, Don't sign up for other students
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