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School year 107 Class Kaohsiung - Year 107 September 29th, 30th 【Information technology usage, research method】class notice
Remind that【Year 107 September 29th, 30th】have class!(The newest course for
this semester is in the attachment)
If you need to take a day off, please tell the EMBA center secretary in advance

Class date:Year 107 September 29th (Sat)
Class time:9:00~12:00、13:00~18:00
Subject:Information technology usage
Teacher:Professor 楊書成 (
Classroom:NUK management department classroom B102

Class date:Year 107 September 30th (Sun)
Class time:9:00~12:00、13:00~18:00
Subject:Research method
Teacher:Professor 李亭林 (
Classroom:NUK management department classroom B105
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